COVID-19 Vaccine Information


At this time due to limited vaccine supply, vaccines will be made available to individuals in three phases. Within the phases, sub-phases and tiered sub-prioritization are being planned until larger vaccine supplies become available. Allocation policies will be dynamic and will be adapted based on vaccine performance, vaccine supply and demand, and other factors. 

Vaccine eligibility will be determined by phases of prioritization developed by the Centers for Disease Control through the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices as well as guidelines developed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Local planning is essential to further refine these broad categories and assist in implementation based on the current status and trends in trans 

Healthcare personnel is identified to receive the vaccine in Phase 1. While vaccine supplies are limited, the CDPH has provided guidance on allocation. Please see the Guidance for Allocation of Phase 1 A COVID-19 Vaccine posted at the Public Health COVID-19 Healthcare Provider Information Hub. To see a Vaccine Allocation Guidance that details distribution beyond Phase 1A, please click here 

Information for Receiving the Vaccination as an Individual: 

We are committed to vaccinating all healthcare workers as quickly as possible, but due to limited supply, we are currently offering vaccine to the high and medium risk healthcare workers in tiers 1 & 2. 


To obtain the latest information on the Phases for vaccine delivery:  

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